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Ideal Pavers
Boston Colonial Pavers
Strong, traditional and sophisticated describes our Boston Colonial Pavers which are timeless in style and appearance. This classic shape can be placed into a variety of laying patterns and continues to be a popular choice for walkways, patios, driveways and more. Boston Colonial Pavers…true New England style!
Uni-Anchorlock was developed for heavy-duty applications such as ports and streets. The interlocking "L" shape acts as an anchor, preventing twisting, tipping, or lateral movement when stressed. This design makes Uni-Anchorlock the ideal stone for large-scale mechanical installation. Uni-Anchorlock is a "Made to Order" item.
Uni-Decor combines the shapes of an octagon and square in one paver to form a bold look that stands out from the crowd. With an elegance that appeals to both contemporary and traditional settings, it’s no wonder that Uni-Decor remains a favorite among experienced designers.
Yankee Cobble
The old-world look and feel is unmistakable. Cobblestones are as authentic to New England as the sailing ships that carried them as ballast across the Atlantic. With a wide array of shapes and colors, you’ll have no trouble putting your personal touch on the classic look of natural stone.
Symetry is not your standard paver. If you’ve imagined a unique patio or walkway with patterns that dazzle and impress, then look no further. An excellent way to add a dramatic flair to your outdoor living space.
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